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ZriEy Cross-Strap Stilettos Light Blue Velvet
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This color (light blue) sold out in August 2016. As of February 2018 this same shoe is available in Black matte, in Purple, and in White.
The ZriEy Peep-Toe Strappy Platform Stiletto in light blue velvet from China. Why buy shoes from China? Well, almost every shoe is made in China these days, some by American or European companies that have moved their manufacturing there, others by Chinese companies. If you like simple, elegant, graceful high heels like these you'll probably need to order them from a Chinese company because the traditional companies just don't make them any more, or if they do, they are too expensive. But before you order from a Chinese company, please read this first.
This shoe debuted on 15 May 2016. Prices, availability, and details checked on that date and may have changed. Click the "Order" button for up-to-date information.
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