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You're beautiful! Love yourself!
To be a Beautiful Confident Woman
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Women… Makeup… Cosmetics … How important is beauty? Why is make up important? Why do women wear makeup? How can I be more beautiful, confident, successful, and happy? The importance of looking your best… There are no limits to what you can achieve when you feel good about yourself! See Gorgeous High Heels!
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“When I look at myself, I am so beautiful I scream with joy!”
  María Montez, The Queen of Technicolor, 1942

María Montez, the Queen of Technicolor OK, maybe we can't all be as beautiful as that. But always remember two things: every woman is already beautiful, and every woman can be even more beautiful! It's simply a question of appreciating yourself, highlighting your natural beauty to project your own self-image, letting it shine through, and then finding out what happens next! Remember: every woman defines her own beauty.

Beauty Builds Confidence… and Confidence Amplifies Beauty

Beauty → Confidence → Success → Happiness!

Aleida Morel - The power of makeup to illuminate the face All women deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired. When a woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens. People begin to pay attention to her, listen to her, seek her company, ask her opinion. She becomes more confident, and this makes her look even better! As her confidence grows, so does the respect she receives – at work, at home, everywhere. As her insecurity falls away, she becomes more daring, self-assured, courageous; she finds she can do anything. Her life improves in every way.

In Spanish we have a handy word, arreglarse. It means to make yourself look good – to do your hair and nails, put on makeup, put on nice clothes and shoes. It doesn't matter about your weight, your age, your complexion… However you are, you can always arreglarte! Aside from your vestuario (wardrobe and accessories) the hair, nails, and makeup are the Three Pillars of Beauty.

Aleida hair For the hair, most Hispanas go to the beauty salon because our hair is special and deserves the very best of care! Beauty parlors are an important part of our culture. You can read about our hair salons and stylists HERE and about the hair products we use HERE.

Aleida nails For the nails, almost all women these days go to nail salons because you can find them everywhere and today's nail technicians can do amazing things that we can't do ourselves. Nails are a very special part of our beauty because even when we're not wearing makeup or our finest outfits, even when our hair is not at its best, our nails still make a striking statement of elegance! Well cared-for perfect nails are the mark of a competent, confidant, healthy woman, so we should never neglect them!

Aleida makeup The third pillar of beauty is our makeup. We don't go to a salón for that, we apply it ourselves every day. I believe makeup is the most important of all because it is our face that projects our deepest essence, that interacts with other people when we speak with them, when we look in their eyes, laugh, or show our opinions or feelings through our facial expressions. Our face is where people look when they want to know us or understand us.

How does makeup make you feel?
Women and Makeup - How Makeup Can Change Your Life

Why we use makeup:
Beauty is the secret weapon of success…
and the skillful application of makeup is the secret weapon of beauty!

Aleida Morel - Eye makeup: eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner

Beauty at work...  Did you know that women who are perceived as "good-looking" receive higher pay than women who are perceived as "plain" or "homely"? As much as 20% more for the same job, according to this study. And outside of work? It would not surprise me if something like that happened everywhere. Well, each one of us has the looks we were given, the question is how to make the most of them. That study was about men as well as women, but we women have a lot more choices than men do for changing our look!

There are different ways to improve your appearance but many of them – like diet, exercise, and surgery – are expensive or risky or take a lot of time. Why take chances? Why wait? You can improve your life dramatically right now for very little cost simply by learning how to make your skin soft and beautiful and to use cosmetics and fragrances effectively. You will see the difference it makes immediately! And then just watch how doors begin to open for you.

  Confidence makes you beautiful and beauty makes you confident!

Aleida Morel - Lipstick

When applied correctly, makeup enhances your own natural beauty, it calls attention to your best features and it can conceal or deemphasize any flaws. It helps you to project your own sense of yourself. When it is done tastefully and skillfully – along with wardrobe, hair, and nails – it reveals the competence, attention to detail, pride, and sense of self that are the mark of a modern successful woman.

It's a Matter of Respect

Aleida Morel - The importance of beautiful perfect nails The fact is, we receive more respect – not just from men but from other women too – when we make ourselves look good and show our self confidence. When we dress well, take care of our hair, and apply makeup skillfully, it affects the behavior of those around us in a positive way. And that makes us feel better and increases our confidence and self-esteem. And that gains us more respect, which makes us feel and look even better, and the cycle repeats. You've heard of the vicious circle? This is the virtuous circle…  The Cycle of Beauty!

Beauty is a state of mind. It's not question of whether you're "pretty" or "plain", young or old, thin or not thin… it's a matter of your self-image:

  When you look good, you feel good.
  When you feel good, you look even better.
  And then you can do ANYTHING!

Aleida Morel - Applying lip color In other words, when you feel beautiful, you are beautiful!  A good appearance shows that you respect yourself. When people see that, they feel respect for you too. Of course it is possible to respect yourself without making yourself look good, but when you take the trouble to fix your hair and your nails, put on makeup, and dress well, that also shows your respect for others. And when you give respect, you get respect.

Women Have More Options

Aleida Morel - Beauty Consultant As a woman, you can vary your appearance from day to day in ways that men could never hope to. You can change your hair style or color, your outfit, your makeup, your nails, your entire look. This builds suspense! It keeps them interested!

You can use makeup to achieve the perfect look for every occasion: A flawless professional look for work or for job interviews; a stunning dramatic look for your nights out and for special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day; an exquisite elegant look for formal occasions; the perfect timeless look for the Bride or the Sweet 16 or Quinceañera that will live forever in the treasured photo albums; a fresh natural look for any time at all. And such radiant soft smooth healthy skin that you will always look and feel sensational.   Discover the power of makeup!

Treat yourself... You deserve it!

Your hair, nails, and makeup might be the Three Pillars of Beauty but there is always room for accents and accessories. And the good part is they don't require any special effort! Just put on a pair of stunning heels and watch what happens (CLICK HERE to see a large selection of the most elegant high-heeled pumps, sandals, and boots!)… A touch of exquisite Jewelry. A sumptuous handbag. Envelop yourself in an aura of unforgettable fragrance… you will make a deep and lasting impression! I especially recommend the Eau de Parfum Very Irresistible by Givenchy. Read this 5-Star Review, and these too, and the one below, they're all true!!!

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Givenchy Very Irresistible Perfume for Women “Hola Aleida, I received the Very Irresistable Perfume by Givenchy and it is a BIG HIT! My sister wore it to a small gathering and one of the ladies called her over to the side and said she just had to know what it was she was wearing!! I wore it yesterday and my husband thought I smelled really nice! Soooooo, thank you SO much for the recommendations on your site. I will be buying more things that you recommend as you seem to have an eye for smart and sassy stuff!!” —Nikki in Alabama

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Heels Synopsis: What defines a woman's beauty? How does a woman make herself feel more beautiful? How can women show confidence? The benefits of wearing makeup: Why put on make up?... What is the importance of make-up? Why women wear make up: how makeup boosts self-esteem. The importance of makeup and the power of a woman's beauty: Appreciating your own beauty. The importance of beauty for women and girls and how the proper use of makeup, cosmetics, fragrances, and skin care can enhance her beauty, her self-confidence, and her success in life. The benefits of wearing makeup. Makeup helps you feel good about yourself, and everything starts from there. Effective personal presentation. Arguments for wearing makeup: Why Make-Up Is Good For You! • Makeup, Confidence and Beauty - Effects of make-up - What can make up do? - Make up and self esteem. Makeup makes you feel better! Spanish make-up styles. Make up makes women confident. Good taste in makeup. Articles about women makeup. Why does beauty matter? Why do women use make up? Why make up?
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