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English-Spanish Beauty Glossary… Eye Colors

Spanish Eye Colors - Colores de ojos inglés-español


azure eyes, eyes of azure - ojos garzos

almond-shaped eyes - ojos almendrados

blue eyes - ojos azules; ojos celestes; azulencos, azulados

brown eyes - ojos morrones, ojos castaños, ojos cafés, ojos (color) café, ojos “cafeses”

chocolate brown eyes - ojos chocolates

dark brown eyes - ojos negros; ojos castaños oscuros, ojos café oscuro, ojos marrones oscuros

dark green eyes - ojos verde oscuro

dark-eyed - ojinegro, de ojos oscuros o negros

dark eyes - ojos negros; ojos oscuros

deep blue eyes - ojos color azul profundo

gray eyes - ojos grises

green-eyed - ojivede, de ojos verdes

green eyes - ojos verdes

green-brown eyes - ojos pardos

green-gray eyes - ojos verdes-grises

hazel eyes - ojos color miel, ojos melados, ojos avellanos; ojos color avellano

hazel brown eyes - ojos marrones miel

hazel green eyes - ojos (color) verde miel

light blue eyes - ojos celestes, ojos azules claros

light brown eyes - ojos castaños claros, ojos cafés claros, ojos café claro, etc

light colored eyes - ojos claros

sky blue eyes - ojos celestes, ojos azules claros

two-toned eyes - ojos de dos tonos

very dark eyes - ojos negros

violet - ojos color violeta

"Dark-eyed" is "de ojos negros"; "green-eyed" is "de ojos verdes", and so on. A brown-eyed woman is "una mujer de ojos morrones" (or castaños, etc).
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How to say different eye colors in Spanish: List of eye colors in Spanish and English. Bilingual eye color glossary. How do u say brown eyes in Spanish? What is the Spanish word for green eyes? What is dark eyes in Spanish? • Lista de colores de ojos en inglés traducidos al español. Qué color es "hazel" en español? Que quiere decir "brown" en español? • Serving the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC, nearby New Jersey, and Waterbury, New Haven, Hartford, Connecticut. Zipcodes 06701 06702 06703 06704 06705 06706 06707 06708 06710 06712 06716 06720 06721 06722 06723 06724 06725 06726 06749 07055 07093 07306 07513 07524 10025 10027 10029 10030 10031 10032 10033 10034 10035 10039 10451 10452 10453 10457 10458 10460 10463 10467 10468 10469 11201 11206 11208 11209 11211 11215 11220 11226 11234 11237 11368 11377 11385 and all others in the New York metropolitan area. Amazon ASIN B0006200NO.
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